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Green-Stallion Ltd is a micro loan lending firm founded to attend to the enormous needs of Individual consumers and small businesses. We are a licensed money lending firm; we also offer other financial services and consultations. At Green-Stallion we understand the need and demand for money to facilitate virtually everything in life. It is in fact recorded that it is the answer to all things.

To meet the need and demand for money, financial institutions, provides credit facilities for their customers. However, as a result of the stringent and cumbersome requirements often requested from customers, where the loans are available, the process is very slow and rigorous.

That is why at Green-Stallion we have built loan products to ease your every day financial needs at rates that are highly competitive.

Our Objectives

Our major aim is to provide our customers with substantial microloans at reasonable prices and rates, while also keeping our customers informed throughout the process. Green-Stallion Ltd will also strive to offer financial advice to our customers as well as offer quality services.


To become the most vibrant and profitable Micro-Loan services within the Jos Market


We will provide fast, reliable and trusted microloan services that assist individuals and start – ups, in achieving their goals at a very minimal cost.

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Let your money do the work. Don’t work too hard while your money stays idle.

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