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Household Appliances and Smart-Phone Finance

Green Stallion Ltd in partnership with selected service providers offers Household Appliances and smart phone financing; this product will enable interested persons to purchase their favourite Home appliances and smart phones from registered vendors with Green-Stallion Ltd and payback in convenient installment of 6 months. Green-Stallion will credit the vendors account directly and issue a credit slip to the customer to claim his/her purchases from the vendor.


Select any item of your choice from any of our    Registered Vendors.
Go to the    Apply Now    section below or
Fill in the required information on the form

Once the application form is successfully submitted or received you will:

Receive an offer letter within an hour of submission
Get required documents across to our office.
The loan will be paid into the vendor's account within an hour of submission of all required documents.

Our Vendors


Fuoani Nigeria Limited

-LG & Hi-Sense Products-

Kindly Call Ali Atwi- 08107539393

(Mention Referral Phrase:"from Green-Stallion")

Hamas Communications

-Mobile Devices & Accessories-


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