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Stallion Allawee

Corpers' Loans

This is a product designed to assist Corps Members meet-up with shortfalls on their finances before their monthly allowances are paid

A Corps Member can apply for up to N20,000 to be repaid for a maximum duration of 4 months.

Qualified Corps Members

Only Corps Members that are currently serving within Jos-North or Jos-South L.G.A of Plateau State and has at least 3 months before the end of their service year

Processing Fee

Upon a successful scoring of your application a mail will be sent to you and you will be invited to our office for documentation to subscribe to the loan plan. Kindly note that a processing fee of N200 will be required from you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stallion Allawee ?


Go to the    Apply Now    section below
Fill in the required information on the form

Once the application form is successfully submitted or received you will:

Receive a mail within an hour of submission which either accepts or declines your application

If your application is accepted, you will be invited to our office for a brief documentation

A processing fee of N200 will required

You can either come along to our office with the processing fee or it can be deducted from your loan.

Get cash in your preferred bank account immediately.

Your details are safe with us, all information you provide are encrypted for your security & confidentiality